Ari’i Nui Biggie Fuse 10’2 SUP

£829.00 £719.00

Length: 10’2
Width: 33
Thickness : 6
Volume : 372 Liters

The Ari’i Nui Biggie Fuse 10’2 SUP is the perfect all round inflatable stand-up paddleboard, wider and thicker for better stability and buoyancy. Combines the performance or a cruising board and the functionality of a fully foldable board. Easy to carry, easy to use, the Biggie 10’2’’ is the perfect board to travel with. Its soft inflatable construction makes it safer for beginners than traditional fiberglass SUP.

The most advanced version the Biggie 10’2’’. The FUSE Technology makes the board lighter and stiffer, for better travelling and surfing experience.