Black Project Freeride Fin


FreeRIDE – All-Round Windsurfing Performance & Fun
The FreeRIDE windsurfing fin has been designed to give the best possible all-round performance. It is a very easy fin to sail fast while remaining comfortable and balanced. The FreeRIDE fin enables the rider to enjoy maximum performance from their windsurfing board. With increased drive and acceleration you will plane earlier, have more control at speed and spin out will become a thing of the past. It takes a very special foil to achieve all the aims of the FreeRIDE windsurfing fin and many hours of CFD analysis and on water testing went into producing the ultimate fin for recreational windsurf use. If you are looking for exceptional performance and increased range of use then changing out your fin is going to make a significant difference. With added performance comes more fun and after all that is what it is all about! We use the same technologies and ultra durable G10 construction that you will find on our race and speed windsurfing fins so that you receive a premium quality product which is unrivaled in the market.

Maximum performance: All points of sail
Moderate rake with swept tip for increased board control, lift and maneuverability
Extremely spin-out resistant
Available in Powerbox or Tuttle base
Solid G-10 base
Threaded brass inserts

Fin Box

Power Box



Fin Length

35cm, 38cm, 41cm, 44cm