Black Project Freewave Fin


FreeWAVE – Maneuverability with Power
The FreeWAVE windsurfing fin combines the maneuverability of a wave fin with the power of a freeride fin. It is a blend that is ideal for bigger wave boards, on-shore conditions and bigger riders who need more power. This fin excels in bump-and-jump where it accelerates to send you skyward off the smallest of chop. The the extended new range from 18 – 32cm seamlessly covers riders using a huge range of boards and in a variety of conditions. Whether you are riding a 65ltr single fin wave board with a 3.5m in Pozo or a 120ltr freewave board with a 7.0m on the Outer Banks, there is a FreeWAVE fin for you. The 18, 20 & 22cm sizes are orientated towards real world wave sailing, they have the power to get you through the waves in onshore conditions and the pivot to rip and slash hard in cross-shore conditions. The 24cm and upwards feature a more upright outline and more powerful foil which makes them ideal for larger freewave boards and bigger sails. The ultra-durable G10 construction ensures that your fin will last you a number of seasons.

Maximum performance: All points of sail, high maneuverability with excellent drive
Moderate rake with well swept tip for board control, lift and maneuverability
Extremely spin-out resistant foil
Available in PB, US or Slot Box Bases
Solid G-10 base for maximum strength
Threaded brass insert on PB & quality screw/plate with US base fins.
Protective foam cover



Fin Length

24cm, 26cm, 30cm, 32cm

Fin Box

Power Box