Black Project Pure 50% carbon Paddle


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The PURE 50% Carbon SUP paddle is the choice for a wide range of paddlers who want the performance of a carbon paddle but are not quite ready for a full carbon price tag. Featuring the same components as our EPIC range of paddles the PURE offers exceptional and proven paddle performance in a cost effective package. The PURE features our FLEX shaft and is great for shorter, lighter, younger and older riders amongst others. The soft and durable shaft also makes this paddle a great option for riders on smaller stand up paddle surf boards who demand a strong paddle with great feel.
Our T handle is fitted as standard (Palm handle is available by special request) and finished in matt red, this not only provide great grip and comfort but is easy to spot in the surf should you loose your paddle after a big wipe out. The matt finished 50% carbon shaft combines exceptional grip with a responsive flex. The textured bumps along the shaft further increase feel and enhance grip for the paddler. The PURE features our high aspect and extremely durable fiberglass blade with a CNC cut core and gloss finish. The combination of narrow blade, dihedral face and rigidity eliminate blade flutter and promote a smooth and positive stroke from catch through to release.
The flex shaft helps to promote increased feel and reduces body fatigue while the T handle gives riders direct feedback and perfect control. The double pressure point adjustment establishes a positive lock to eliminate twisting. The individual features when combined together produce a harmonious and effortless experience for the rider in a light and durable adjustable paddle fit for a range of uses.

PURE Adjustable 50% Carbon in Brief

  • Blade: EPIC 95 sq in / 610mm2
  • Angle: 8 degrees
  • Max width: 7 ¾ inches / 19.7cm
  • 50% pre-preg carbon construction
  • FLEX shaft for increased feel and reduced fatigue
  • ‘Bumpy’ shaft for added grip and feel
  • Scratch resistent graphics
  • Dihedral shaping on blade face combined with high aspect eliminates flutter
  • 40cm (16″) of adjustment (170 – 230cm / 67 – 90.5 inches)
  • Weight 675 grams (+/- 5%)
  • Red glass T handle (Palm available on request)
  • Double adjustable pressure clamp for increased security and elimination of twist
  • Slim line Blade/Shaft connection for positive energy transfer and efficiency

3-piece, adjustable