Black Project Type R- Race and Slalom Fin


Type R – Race & Slalom Windsurfing Fin
Slalom Fin – RACING and SLALOM is what the Type R windsurfing fin was designed for. This fin delivers un-compromized performance across a wide range of slalom, racing and speed sailing conditions. The proprietary laminar flow foil is designed to produce maximum performance with high lift and low drag which translates to better acceleration and higher GPS speeds. Speed is nothing without control and the Type R is designed to give you a solid platform to build your race upon, forget about your fin and concentrate on the fastest racing line. This fin delivers unmatched stability with maximum grip giving riders the confidence to push as hard as possible no-mater how rough the course gets. The Type R is our most powerful race fin and is ideal for heavier riders and those sailing with firm back foot pressure. Thanks to the drive and stiffness of the Type R slalom fin riders can typically choose a slightly smaller fin than normal. For GPS sailers the acceleration and increased power which this fin provides enables exceptional longer distance averages and Alphas. Produced using precision CNC techniques under tight controls in our Black Ed. G10 construction the Type R is your premium choice windsurfing fin which will withstand the harsh environments your equipment faces. If you are looking for exceptional performance, increased confidence and outstanding quality then choose the Type R slalom fin.[Black Ed.]

Maximum performance: Close reach to broad reach
Outstanding acceleration, power and pointing
Moderate rake for board control at high speed
Modified elliptical outline for maximum efficiency
Highly spin-out resistant
CNC produced in [Black Ed.]

G10 for exceptional stiffness and durability
Solid G-10 Tuttle, Deep Tuttle & Powerbox bases
Threaded brass inserts for a premium fit and longevity
Fin of choice for: Tom Hammerton, Jurjen van de Noord & Chris Freeman

Fin Length

37.5cm, 40cm, 42.5cm, 45cm, 47.5cm, 50cm


Black Edition, G10

Fin Box

Deep Tuttle, Power Box, Tuttle