Black Project Type RS- Race and Slalom Fin

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Type RS – Downwind Slalom & Speed Windsurfing Fin

Slalom Fin – The Type RS windsurfing fin has been optimized for high octane down wind slalom racing where speed and control are both vitally important. This fin is designed to be ridden on the edge, has a slightly looser feel than the Type R and more pointing and low end than the popular Type S. Utilizing our laminar flow technology the Type RS will excel on PWA style down wind slalom courses due to its high lift to drag ratio and blistering top end speed. Designed for advanced slalom riders the Type RS slalom fin is your winning edge this season whether you are battling it out in a heat or recording with your GPS unit. This fin is designed to help you maximize speed while remaining in control in over powered conditions. Designed in Maui this fin is at home in the roughest of conditions typically found during the Maui Race Series. The Type RS is designed with progressive flex compared to the stiffer Type R which further helps to smooth the ride and enable you to focus on picking the winning line. The increased flex in the tip of the fin also helps control when jibing in rough seas. The smaller sizes have become popular with speed sailors producing outstanding averages and peaks. If you are looking to take your slalom racing to the next level then your fin quiver should include the Type RS.

Maximum performance: reach to broad reach on downwind slalom courses
Moderate rake for board control
Outstanding speed and control in overpowered conditions
Highly spin-out resistant
CNC produced in [Black Ed.]

G10 for exceptional stiffness and durability
Solid G-10 Tuttle base (Deep Tuttle & Powerbox available by special request)
Threaded brass inserts for a premium fit and longevity
Fin of choice for: Tom Hammerton, Jurjen van de Noord, Martyn Ogier & Chris Freeman


Black Edition, G10

Fin Box


Fin Length

30cm, 34cm, 38cm, 40cm, 42cm, 44cm, 46cm