Black Project Type S Speed Fin


Speed Fin – The Type S windsurfing speed fin is designed specifically for SPEED sailing on broad to deep reaches. The one goal of this fin is achieving the maximum speed possible and caters to GPS and competition speed sailing. The proprietary laminar flow speed foil is optimized for minimum drag at low angles of attack. The outline of this fin features extra rake and a wider tip which generates increased board lift and improves control and handling at the high end. When sailing at speed in over powered conditions control becomes extremely important, the Type S was designed to excel even in the toughest of conditions allowing you to concentrate on navigating the faster line and holding down your sail. With this fin you will never feel the need to sheet out when a big gust or chop appears mid-run again as the extra power is translated into forward drive and more speed. Confidence is fast and as you clock up more GPS tracks on this fin the secure feeling will help you to push harder and harder. The Type S is loved by our riders including Jurjen van der Noord and Martyn Ogier who choose this fin for most non-canal locations. If you are ready to see a range of new personal bests then look no further.

Maximum performance: Broad reach to deep reach speed courses
High rake for board control and lift at high speed
Proprietary outline for maximum efficiency and control
Highly spin-out resistant
CNC produced in [Black Ed.]

G10 for exceptional stiffness and durability
Solid G-10 Tuttle base (Powerbox available on custom request)
Threaded brass inserts for a premium fit and longevity
Fin of choice for: Jurjen van der Noord & Martyn Ogier in most non-canal speed conditions

Fin Box



Black Edition, G10

Fin Length

24cm, 26.5cm, 29cm, 32cm, 35cm