Fanatic Blast 2018



The Blast hit the scene with a bang! Inspired by some of our most successful models – the Stubby and lightning fast Falcon – the Blast does exactly what it says on the tin. Representing everything that got us hooked on windsurfing in the first place, we guarantee you’ll have a Blast!

Evolving the Blast’s parallel rail concept further has proven to be exceptionally beneficial in its early planing performance, control, and ease of use. Having tested a variety of different shapes, it turned out that the concept initially introduced by our Wave department to create the Stubby, would be the spice needed in designing the ultimate Freeride machine with extra power. Similar to the new FreeWave STB, the Blast blew everyone’s mind once it hit the scene. As one of the most sought after Windsurf boards around, we’ve extended the line-up with the floaty Blast 145 in addition to the Blast 100, 115 & 130. Available in two constructions – the elite TeXtreme® Biax Carbon (TXTR / BXC) and our Biax fibre / Full PVC sandwich technology (BXF) – it’s never been so easy to have the Blast of your life!

Key Features

  • New 145 Blast for an exciting ride when others just float
  • Straighter, more parallel rails for reduced drag and cleaner waterline
  • Compact ›Stubby-Style‹ nose for reduced swing weight and super responsive foot steering through gybes
  • Wide diamond tail for minimum drag and extra planing power needed through lulls / light winds
  • Slim center width and a straighter rail flow for speed
  • Trim and stance perfectly match the board’s length, tail width and rocker line
  • Tuttle Box for easy performance upgrade through more specialized Slalom Fins (sizes 130 & 145 approved for Foil use)
  • Smooth and controlled ride over choppy water achieved via flat panel power V bottom shape, and a slight double concave from nose to center
  • Flat deck shape transitioning into thin, more defined rails for superior carving with maximum stability in the stance area


  • Volume: 100 l
  • Width: 62 cm
  • Length: 231 cm
  • Fittings: Tuttle Box / Choco Fins Spirit C1 34cm / Black LTD
  • Recommended Sailsize: < 7.8 m²



  • Volume: 115 l
  • Width: 66 cm
  • Length: 232 cm
  • Fittings: Tuttle Box / Choco Fins Spirit C1 38cm / Black LTD
  • Recommended Sailsize: < 8.4 m²


  • Volume: 130 l
  • Width: 70 cm
  • Length: 233 cm
  • Fittings: Tuttle Box (Foil approved) / Choco Fins Spirit C1 42cm / Black LTD
  • Recommended Sailsize: < 9.0 m²


  • Volume: 145 l
  • Width: 77 cm
  • Length: 235 cm
  • Fittings: Tuttle Box (Foil approved) / Choco Fins Spirit C1 44cm / Black LTD
  • Recommended Sailsize: < 10.0 m²

100L, 115L, 130L, 145L


LTD, Textreme Carbon