Fanatic Quad TE 81 and 90 ex demo SPECIAL OFFER

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For 2016, we took the most radical Waveboard within the Fanatic range to the next level. Highly desirable to riders driven by full rail carves, late turns and radical down-the-line wavesailing. If that’s you, the all-new 2016 Quad represents what your dreams are made of.

Inspired by some of the latest custom Quads of our World Cup team, we found the perfect blend of rocker line and bottom shape that our riders referred
to as the magic rocker. Featuring the new flat spot concept – an innovative placement of curved and straight areas – aimed to enhance planing power and speed. This combined with adjustments to the outline and trim, results in a Waveboard with radical turning abilities, yet still maintains planing power, control and ease of use to get the juices flowing even in a choppy cross-on shore beach break.

The concave / double concave bottom shape matches the drive, speed and smooth surfy feel of our complementary Choco fins quad fin setup. The all new Quad family comes in four sizes: From the smallest of 69, through to the floaty 90.


Compared to the TriWave, the Quad has a more front-foot style of riding, allowing for a fluid full rail carving style and tight turns under the lip, with maximum drive and full grip. While you ride more on the back foot and a little more upright on the TriWave, you are able to fully lean into the turn and trust in your rails and fins with the Quad. The Quad prefers to be ridden under the lip and loves to transfer the push of the wave into speed. With its superb control and speed, the Quad also likes jumping, but comes into its own and excels when riding waves.

These boards are ex demo boards in excellent condition… Just one of each side left!


69L, 75L, 81L, 90L