Fanatic Triwave TE 2017

£1,899.00 £1,499.00


A Waveboard that’s guaranteed to perform wherever you go, or whatever the waves look like. If it’s choppy, mushy and small, or you’re heading out for the day of the year, the TriWave feels right at home. A wave rocket with a light crisp feel, it’s quick to plane, predictable when jumping, and has tonnes of radness on the wave.

The TriWave is not only a favourite across all levels and weight categories, but it has swept up World Cup wins and several top 10 results in the PWA World Tour. Its incredible planing abilities make the TriWave a first choice for those riders looking to have a fuss-free blast. Regardless of how high the jump or technical the move, the four sizes from 74 to 99 are complemented with an MFC Thruster set as the perfect match for an unbeatable package.

The ride is a little more back footed when compared to the Quad. You’ll get lots of lift off the back fin and plenty of planing power to get you through the flat sections, even in onshore conditions. The turning style is more snappy with the TriWave when compared to the more carving oriented, and fluid full rail style of the Quad. With its planing power and speed, the TriWave is not only the board for big hits and wave tricks, it also thrives on airtime and is the ultimate rocket for jumping. Compared to the Stubby, the TriWave gets going a bit earlier and reaches even higher top speeds. It keeps its pace unbelievably well in longer drawn out turns, whereas the Stubby rides with a more compact, skatey style with a different sensation underfoot.

Volume 74 l

Width 56 cm

Length 222 cm

Volume 82 l

Width 58 cm

Length 224 cm

Volume 89 l

Width 59.5 cm

Length 227 cm

Volume 99 l

Width 62 cm

Length 229 cm

  • Innovative rocker line with at spot concept for maximum planing power, and curved sections for tight snappy turns
  • Double concave / V bottom shape for a controlled and fast ride over any chop
  • Trim moved backwards for more direct turning reactions while using a faster rocker line
  • New compact outline with a wider, swallow tail for snappy turns, tonnes of spray, lots of lift and stability
  • Side fins with slight tow for smooth water flow, reduced drag and maximum speeds
  • Flat deck for a stable stance and secure feeling even when the wind drops
  • Fast and early planing Thruster setup, perfectly matching the boards shape and characteristics. Side fins in the light weight and easy to adjust Slot Box system (incl. Slot Box covers for single fin use) and center US Box for maximum adaptability

74L, 82L, 89L, 99L