Naish Alana GTW Sup 2018


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Women’s All-around Wave

Designed specifically for women who desire outstanding waveriding performance, the Alana 8’6″ GTW is an easy-to-ride design that delivers super-smooth carving. The shape and size are perfect for intermediate-to-advanced riders wanting to take their surfing to the next level while still maintaining the stability from our Alana range thanks to its mellow double V bottom. Based off our collaboration with Gerry Lopez, the rocker outline creates a large sweet spot, which results in effortless take-off, quick acceleration and responsive down-the-line surfing. It features a compact design that can easily fit inside minivans, sport utility vehicles and station wagons and can be ridden as a thruster or quad, granting riders the option to adapt the board to their riding style and conditions. 


Women’s All-around Widebody

The Alana 9’5″ GTW is designed specifically for women who desire effortless waveriding, recreation cruising and easy transport. This shape is perfect for lighter riders in small surf and bigger riders wanting more stability in a shorter wave board. It has an exaggerated tail rocker, V bottom and soft rails to make turning on a wave incredibly easy. It features a compact design that can fit into minivans, sport utility vehicles and station wagons.


Women’s All-around Classic

The Alana 10’6″ GTW features an all-around, easy-to-ride design for women paddlers wanting one board for everything from flatwater cruising, to cross training, to longboard wave riding. It has a wider outline, recessed deck and fuller rails for increased stability and wider range of use. The single-concave nose flows into a double-concave midsection and V tail making it adaptable to learning the basics, flatwater paddling and surfing.


  • LENGTH: 8’6″ / 259.1 cm
  • WIDTH: 28 1/4″ / 71.8 cm
  • THICKNESS: 3 3/4″ / 9.5 cm
  • WEIGHT: 17.3 lbs / 7.9 kg
  • VOLUME: 108 L


  • LENGTH:9’5″ / 287 cm
  • WIDTH: 32″ / 81.3 cm
  • THICKNESS: 4 3/4″ / 12 cm
  • WEIGHT: 22.2 lbs / 10.1 kg
  • VOLUME: 163 L


  • LENGTH:10’6″ / 320 cm
  • WIDTH: 30″ / 76.2 cm
  • THICKNESS: 4″ / 10.2 cm
  • WEIGHT: 23.7 lbs / 10.8 k
  • VOLUME:160 L


10'6", 8'6", 9'5"