O’Shea Stealth 5.4.3 Men’s Wetsuit

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O’Shea Stealth 5.4.3 Men’s Wetsuit

O’Shea Stealth 1 Front Zip Mens Wetsuit . The O’Shea Stealth is made exclusively from 100% limestone based neoprene, the ultimate in stretch, warmth, fit and durability. Technically combining the most innovative materials and featuring the world’s most advanced mitsu liquid tape. The Stealth features 100% truflex neoprene, titanium chest, thermal insulator core and a pullover zip membrane.

  • 100 Truflex
  • Titanium Chest
  • Thermal Insulator Core
  • Pullover Zip Membrane
  • Mitsu Liquid Tape
Size- wetsuit

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