Staboard 12’2″ Windsup 2017 ASAP construction

£999.00 £779.00

The WindSUP are the boards that cover windsurfing and paddleboarding in one.

Each WindSUP is based on a popular Starboard paddleboard shape and have an added mast track and centre-fin box to plug in a sail and centre-fin for windsurfing.

WindSUP 12’2″ x 32″: The wider version of the authentic Windsurfer Freeride for extra stability and float. With a unique glide, it absorbs chop thanks to the deep Vee double concave nose and performs as a fast all-round racer as a stand-alone SUP board.

  • All of our WindSUPs have a full-length mast track for windsurfing and a soft moulded carry-handle for easy transport.
  • All of our WindSUPs models are fitted with a fixed centre fin, keeping the weight low and making the boards more efficient for paddle boarding and light wind windsurfing.
  • For paddleboarding or windsurfing in stronger winds, the user must remove the centre fin and fit a plug to eliminate drag from the opening.
  • The WindSUPs are fitted with leash plugs. Paddleboarding without a leash is dangerous. Like seat belts in cars, leashes save lifes. Wear one.