Stewart Hydro Hull Surfboard


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Stewart Hydro Hull Surfboard

Hydro Hull: The surfboard that always delivers, or, a jack of all trades if you will. Historically, the Hydro Hull has been our top selling board worldwide.

The board has a modern trim rocker with a single to double concave bottom. These features are complimented by a beveled entry rail, which provides forgiveness as well as performance.

The Hydro Hull is an all purpose surfboard for any level of ability.

NOTE: If you are ordering this product, please contact us for availability and delivery date (02920 711946)

Length      Width         Thickness

9’2″            23″           3″
9’4″            23 1/8″           3 1/8″

Mustard/black/white, Yellow/red/white


9'2, 9'4