Tushingham 60% mast


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Reduced and Standard Diameter

Our popular CARBON 60 mast is now available in both Reduced Diameter and Standard Diameter offerings. At a great price with great performance mean this is an attractive product for all levels of sailor. We have matched the bend curves of the RDM with the SDM to ensure that both fit with the luff curves of all Tushingham Sails.

For 2015 we have added a reinforced kevlar layer around the boom clamp area to increase durability and protect against damage through over tightening the boom. We have also colour coded the stickers and placed them on both sections of the mast for easier identification when rigging.


The CARBON 60 is recommended for hard use in all wave, freestyle & high wind applications:

  • Wave
  • Freestyle
  • Crossover
  • Freeride
Mast Diameter


Mast Length

370, 400, 430, 460, 490