2019 Starboard Futura



For technical windsurfers looking for the impossible: maximum speed mixed with comfort, control and jibing precision.

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2019 Starboard Futura


– Improved performance for long distance races –

– More compact –

 – Ready To Foil –

 – New technologies. Flax Balsa and Carbon –

– Yulex Footstraps. The world’s first footstraps made with natural rubber –


Load up, go as fast as you want, on waters as rough as you want. The Futuras give you the maximum average speed in total confidence. The all-new Futuras has become even more compact, with improved performances for long distance races:
they’ll allow you to save energy, maintain a high average speed for miles and turn the smoothest jibes.


For 2019, the Futuras have truly become the long distance version of the iSonics, even in rough conditions. They have more Vee to increase comfort and have less aggressive rails compared to the iSonic. The Futuras have become more compact to increase control and will go fast with less effort compared to an iSonic which is designed for more explosive planing and acceleration. The Futuras are smoother and favour long-run speeds. If you aren’t into slalom racing and like long distance races or simply racing with friends, this machine is for you. They also work very well with no-camber sails.


Shortened by 7 cm with a new rocker to match the reduced length. A very confident board for riding broad downwind in hard, high wind conditions.


Shortened by 7 cm to improve acceleration and top end speed. Faster and easier to control.

Ready to Foil.

FUTURA 117  –  127  –  137

Shortened by 2 cm with a new rocker to match. The flat section of the bottom shape is also reduced 5 cm in length. Faster than last year with more control, the boards ride freer but with more comfort and confidence.

Ready to Foil.


The Futuras have a more pronounced Vee throughout the hull for jibing performance, comfort and a more lively ride.


Open-angle cut-away shapes prevent water trapping, reduces turbulence and wetted area to release more top-end speed.


Resulting from the same design program as the iSonics, the Futuras have added volume above the cut-aways which helps to keep speed in and out of the jibe.


The rails are rounder and thinner than an iSonic for more carving bite and easy jibing.


The Futuras are fitted with Drake’s flagship Slalom DW Ready to Race fins, top-end production fins that will bring out the best in the Futuras. The Slalom DW model provides huge amounts of speed and acceleration with great jibing abilities.


The new Futura comes with a Ready to Foil fin box. The box are reinforced to withstand heavier loads associated with foiling. They use thick, high-density PVC sheets and thick carbon fibre walls.

Models Futura 97 Futura 107 Futura 117 Futura 127 Futura 137
Technologies Carbon | Flax Balsa Carbon | Flax Balsa Carbon | Flax Balsa Carbon | Flax Balsa Carbon | Flax Balsa
Volume 97 l 107 l 117 l 127 l 137 l
Length 228 cm 228 cm 228 cm 228 cm 228 cm
Width 67 cm 71 cm 77.5 cm 86.5 cm 88.5 cm
Tail Width 44.5 cm 46 cm 47.3 cm 52.6 cm 54.3 cm
Thickness 11.8 cm 11.8 cm 11.5 cm 11.6 cm 11.6 cm
Bottom Shape Flat Vee to Double Concave Flat Vee to Double Concave Flat Vee to Double Concave Flat Vee to Double Concave Flat Vee to Double Concave
Footstraps Rows 2 2 2 2 2
Fin Drake Slalom DW 36 Drake Slalom DW 38 Drake Slalom DW 42 Drake Slalom DW 44 Drake Slalom DW 46
Finbox Tuttle Box Foil Box Foil Box Foil Box Foil Box
Fin Range 30 – 40 cm 34 – 44 cm 36 – 46 cm 40 – 50 cm 42 – 52 cm
Sail Range 4.5 – 7.5 m2 5.0 – 8.0 m2 5.5 – 8.5 m2 6.0 – 9.5 m2 6.5 – 10.0 m2
Weight Carbon 6.4kg 6.7kg 7.2kg 7.7kg 7.9kg
Weight Flax Balsa 6.5kg 6.8kg 7.3kg 7.9kg 8kg

Carbon, Flax Balsa


107L, 117L, 127L, 137L, 97L