Aeron MCT- 29


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Aeron MCT-29 Aluminium Boom – Solid and reliable

Monocoque Technology std diameter.

Stiff, tough and light, the MCT-29 is amongst the toughest standard shape alloy booms in the world. It features the same high quality fittings found on all the latest Aeron models.

Where some riders prefer the MCT-26’s narrow grip, others favour the 29mm diameter offered by this boom. It’s popular with the holiday centres, where booms need to last through a season of heavy regular use.

The 200-250cm size fits neatly into the quiver of many freeride and slalom riders, covering large sails up to around 8.5m.

With the introduction of the New Aeron Boom front to the MCT range, it will be near to impossible to make any further improvements to these booms.  The new boom head has seen much appraisal in the market following its introduction on the Carbon range.  The wider mast cup gives the ultimate flex – stiffness ratio at the boom – mast connection with zero slippage in all conditions.

Boom Length

140-190, 160-220, 180-240, 200-250