Black Project Hydro 100% Carbon SUP Pro Race Paddle


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The HYDRO standup paddle racing range has grown in prominence during the past two seasons, and in the hands of French SUP racer Olivia Piana, claimed its first world title at the end of the 2018 season. Even with the paddle’s success, we continued to test and develop behind the scenes. As a result, 2019 marks the biggest upgrades for the line since the initial paddle launch. Working closely with our athletes Mo Freitas, Olivia Piana, Martin Vitry and Lara Claydon, retail partners and passionate customers, we were able to improve upon the Hydro’s champion design with new materials, new blade sizes and slimmer shaft options to broaden and enhance the collection.. For example; a Hydro Pro 78 cut to 75″ (191cm) is only 14 ounces (396 grams) approximately 25-50 grams lighter than any other high-end race paddle. This reduced weight translates into an improved paddling experience while being easier on your body. Thanks to the design and construction the Hydro paddle is also one of the strongest SUP paddles you will find and enjoys a near zero failure rate.

The Hydro SUP race paddle is available in four blade sizes to suit the largest to smallest of stand up paddlers. The LARGE 88 sq in (575 cm2) is suited for riders 85 kg and over. The MEDIUM 83 sq in (535 cm2) recommended for riders 70 – 90 kg. The SMALL 78 sq in (489 cm2) is recommended for riders 55 – 75kg. New for 2018 is the X-SMALL 73 sq in (458cm2) which is designed for smaller and grom riders in the 40 – 65kg range..

The Hydro proprietary blade holds the water securely generating smooth power delivery while eliminating lateral blade movement. The ‘Scooped Dihedral’ design grabs the water while enabling efficient release. On entry the blade corrects for poor alignment often associated with fatigue. The extension of the tapered scoop towards the toe ensures that the paddle remains stable and delivers power even if you fail to get the full blade in the water (common on downwinders). The drive is concentrated in the balanced sweet spot for a smooth and constant delivery during the power phase of the stoke.

The HYDRO features our Standard Diameter Shaft (SDS) and is designed for racing. We proudly make our 100% Premium Carbon shafts in the USA, the weight, strength and responsiveness cannot be matched by other brands. Since the launch of these shafts we have a near zero failure rate even in the most challenging of conditions. By working closely with USA based aerospace engineers we were able to increase strength and reduce weight while improving the responsiveness of the flex for efficient energy transfer. Our premium paddles are assembled with hot glue which enables easy adjustment while providing a water tight bond and added shock absorption.

TEXCARBON Construction – Our lightest, strongest & Most Technically Advanced Paddles Yet

The most striking aspect of the new paddles is the enhanced construction. Our 2019 paddle line is equipped with a Texalium and carbon shaft, a material developed in San Diego, CA, that over time has proven to be superior. Texalium has some fantastic properties to offer SUP paddles. The increased impact resistance helps keep the paddle safe during flight or in the impact zone, while the silver finish reflects UV rays reducing damage and keeping the shaft cooler on the water—an important aspect for some of our paddlers in the Middle East and other excessively hot climates. The finer 2k texture of the Texalium shaft also helps to enhance grip. We paired the new shafts with blades and handles in a red kevlar and carbon construction for a unique and sleek aesthetic. On the inside, we reconfigured our laminates to increase strength and reduce weight while maintaining an optimized flex. Not only are the TEXCARBON paddles the lightest and strongest made to date, they also look pretty cool!

  • Use: Racing
  • Rider Level: Intermediate to Pro
  • Blade sizes:
    • Large 88 in² (575cm²)
    • Medium 83 in² (535cm²)
    • Small 78 in² (496cm²)
    • X Small 73 in² (458cm²)
  • Blade angle: 8 degrees
  • Blade Max width:
    • Large = 17.5cm (6.85″)
    • Medium = 16.5cm (6.50″)
    • Small = 15.3cm (6.02″)
    • X Small =14.1cm (5.55″)
  • Scooped Dihedral blade shaping
  • 3k premium carbon pre-preg construction
  • 100% Pre-Preg Carbon USA made shaft
  • ‘Bumpy’ shaft for added grip and feel
  • 100% carbon lightweight ergonomic Palm or T handle
  • Hot Glue assembly for shock absorbing, easy adjustment & water tight fit
  • Weight from 380 (13.4oz)
  • Slim line Blade/Shaft connection for positive energy transfer, efficiency and less drag.

73 sq in, 78 sq in, 83 sq in, 88 sq in


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