Black Project HYDRO TEXCARBON – 100% Texalium, Carbon & Kevlar SUP Race Paddle


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Black Project HYDRO TEXCARBON SUP Race Paddle

The lightweight, balanced & responsive SUP paddle for racing, downwind & flat-water enthusiasts

The HYDRO SUP race paddle is for paddlers who want more speed and reduced fatigue. Whether you are cruising your local lake or crossing the Hawaiian channels, the Hydro is designed to deliver speed and comfort. Lightweight and durable, the Hydro combines exceptional power, blade stability and dynamic flex to help you paddle faster for longer while protecting your body from injury.

The Hydro is the paddle of choice for 2019 world champions – Seychelle Webster, Olivia Piana, Christian Anderson, and Rai Taguchi as well as a growing number of worldwide athletes.

Available in five blade sizes, standard (SDS) and reduced (RDS) shaft options and two constructions.