Black Project Sabre RT Fin



SABRE RT Slalom & GPS Speed Fin
Flex Tip Technology, Acceleration & Control in Extreme Conditions

Slalom Fin – The revolutionary SABRE RT slalom fin has changed our thoughts on high performance windsurfing fins. The Sabre takes into consideration everything we have learnt throughout our testing and development across all fin ranges. The wide and powerful base helps low end acceleration while our FlexTIP technology dynamically adjusts delivering a forgiving and controlled ride. The Sabre handles extreme chop and gusts by reacting to the ocean, keeping the board level eliminating both longitudinal roll and lateral pitch. The result is a perfectly balanced ride and when you are in more control you can pick the fastest line. During GPS testing not only were our peaks higher with the Sabre but our course times were quicker with riders reporting increased feel and confidence around the jibe marks.

Fin Box



Black Edition

Fin Length

35cm, 37.5cm, 40cm, 42.5cm