Dude Shoes Wendy Coral


Wendy Washed Coral

The Wendy Washed Coral features a stone-washed upper, making the canvas softer and giving it a relaxed ‘worn’ look which is exaggerated with wear and after washing. The Ridgelight sole and relaxed wide fit guarantee that this will be one of the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear.

A feminised version of the classic men’s Wally, the Wendy uses the same dual lace system so you have the choice between elastic laces which can be set to make the Wendy into a slip-on or traditional laces for a tighter, more streamlined look. As ever, the leather-lined removable insole allows it to be worn barefoot without collecting bacteria that leads to odour. The insole can be wiped clean and the shoe put into a cold machine wash when needed.

Dude shoes are the ultimate relaxed wide, slouchy, feel good, lifestyle shoes.

Material: Textile

Sole unit: Ridgelight

Weight: 120 gms


  • Ultra-comfortable relaxed wide fit for all day comfort
  • Fold-over finish
  • Dual lace option
  • Machine washable cold
  • Anatomical leather-lined removable insole


Shoe Size

UK 3, UK 4, UK 5, UK 6, UK 7, UK 8