O’Shea IWIND+SUP 11′ HDx 2020


The O’Shea Inflatable WIND & SUP 2020


Primarily designed with windsurfing in mind, with the additional bonus that this board also is an excellent SUP! This is a true family favourite for the aspiring waterman hidden within us all!

Incorporating a standard central stabilising fin.

Complete with rig package.

All items break down into a handy transportable package.

Register for 2 year warranty

Board Spec:

–  11’ x 34.5″ x 4.75″
–  Vol – 290ltr

The O’Shea inflatable windsup… Windsup at its best!


Board, Board + grom 1.5 rig, Board + grom 2.0 rig, Board + Grom 3.0, Board + iwind 3.5 rig, Board + iwind 4.5 rig, Board + iwind 5.5 rig