O’Shea IWIND 9′ HDx 2020


The O’Shea Inflatable WIND90 2020


A 9′ version of the bestselling Wind & SUP, this board features our new iRail, for fully planing capabilities, making it an ideal stepping stone Windsurfer that rolls up in a bag.

Super versatile waterman package.

Lightweight and kid/beginner friendly windsurfer, as well as a progressive planing windsurfer.

Can even be used in small to medium sized swells!

Doubles as a flat water SUP for the lighter rider.

Incorporating a standard central stabilising fin.

Complete with rig package.

All items break down into a handy transportable package.

Register for 2 year warranty

Board Spec:

–  19’ x 31″ x 4.75″
–  Vol – 160ltr

Building on our legacy of quality and durability, we have strived to improve our “Go To” Highly Durable series. New for 2019, we have pressure bonded the twin skin, resulting in less excess adhesive, ie reduced weight but also improved surface finish – the wrinkle surface now a thing of the past.

The benefits of this construction include:

– High Durability
– Stiffer in all directions
– Shape integrity long term
– Pro surface finish
– Enhanced glide when breezy


Board, Board + grom 1.5 rig, Board + grom 2.0 rig, Board + Grom 3.0, Board + iwind 3.5 rig, Board + iwind 4.5 rig, Board + iwind 5.5 rig