Slingshot Levitator 2020


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Slingshot Levitator 2020 Details


What does Slingshot say?

The Levitator boards are our ultimate light wind machines, but that’s not all they offers. The Levitator boards feature a sliding track foil attachment system, standard on today’s SUP, Kite, and Surf Foil Boards. This allows you to precisely place the center of lift.

Intermediate or advanced windsurfers will place the foil towards the back of the track and ride efficiently in the straps. Sliding the foil all the way forward allows beginner level windsurfers to get up on the foil with their front foot by the mast base, in a beginner windsurf stance. Now you can learn to windfoil before you have mastered the footstraps. The Levitators are wide and stable enough to teach all but the biggest beginners. The 150 has the advantage of a short nose, less affected by wind gusts, carrying less swing weight. The larger 160 has a 1-foot longer nose for easy tacking.


  • Sliding track foil system, instead of tuttle
  • Wide boxy tail for volume under your feet and plenty of stability
  • Easy to uphaul and slog home if the wind dies
  • 4-Footstraps for efficiency and insane upwind/downwind angles
  • Long enough nose for touchdowns
  • Light and stiff biax carbon construction
  • Big enough to learn on, short nose for minimal swing weight
  • Triple reinforced foil track and mast track

150L, 160L