Simmer Style Clearance List

With a bit of wind on its way, here is our latest Simmer Style Clearance Sale list of NEW boards and sails, all available with massive discounts. Give us a call asap to avoid missing out on these mega deals, once they’re gone they’re gone!

Simmer Style Boards
FLYWAVE201771brand new11,699.00£1,359
201778brand new21,699.00£1,359
201785brand new11,699.00£1,359
201792brand new21,699.00£1,359
FREEGAL2017100brand new11,799.00£1,439
FREEMOVE2017110brand new11,399.00£1,119
2017120brand new21,399.00£1,119
2017120CEbrand new11,699.00£1,359
Simmer Style Sails
BLACK TIP20164.0brand new1525.00£367
20164.2brand new2530.00£371
20165.0HDbrand new2570.00£371
20165.6brand new1555.00£388
21073.4brand new1600.00£450
21074.0brand new1605.00£454
20174.2brand new2610.00£458
20175.6brand new1635.00£476
20183.7brand new2610.00£488
20184.0brand new1615.00£492
20184.2brand new1620.00£496
20184.7brand new1630.00£504
20185.0brand new1635.00£508
20185.3brand new2640.00£512
20185.6brand new2645.00£516
ICON 20174.0brand new1615.00£461
20174.0HDbrand new1630.00£473
20174.2brand new2620.00£465
20174.5brand new1625.00£469
20175.3brand new1640.00£480
20184.0brand new1615.00£492
20184.2brand new1620.00£496
20184.2Xbrand new1645.00£516
20184.7brand new1630.00£504
20185.3brand new1640.00£512

by Puravida