2019 Simmer Cortex First Look

2019 Simmer Windsurf

Mr Windsurfing TV popped by recently to hang out and gave us a glimpse of whats in the pipeline for next years boards.

Simmer Cortex

Stoked to see the new Simmer Quantum shape moving forward but lets be honest, with UK conditions we are always keen to see a new compact wave board hit the market. That is where the Cortex comes in, Simmer’s new addition to the line up.

Really light and with a nice finish, these beauties are going to kick up a storm when they come to market, trust us on that one!


All New JP Super Ride – Now Available to Pre Order

JP Super Ride Gold

JP Super Ride Action Shot

All new JP Super Ride – Available to Pre Order Now, Delivery by End of May

As a mid season release, the all new super exciting JP Super Ride is available to pre-order nw to be the first in the UK to be on one! What’s more, they are all also FOIL READY, and from just £1299!


Designed to be the solution many blasters were looking for, this board offers maximum performance at an accessible level, which results in maximum fun every time you step out on the water.

The Super Ride is designed to sit between the Magic Ride Freeride line and Freerace Super Sport line. They offer the ease of sailing of the test winning Magic Ride, and the speed and prowess of the Super Sport. The Super Ride board is set for a bright future.

The Super Ride is compact and relatively short overall and not too wide in the midsection. The center of gravity is close to the mast base, which reduces swing weight. This provides an incredibly smooth ride and gives you a lot of control. The parallel outline delivers stability when not planing. All this makes it a real pleasure to ride in all conditions.

Towards the tail we reduced the width creating additional outline curve. Your success rate of making all kinds of gybes, and the fact that you will plane out of them, will leave you and your sailing buddies speechless.

The smoothly domed deck shape guarantees a comfortable stance and makes it easy to get into the footstraps, no matter if you chose the inboard or outboard option. All strap options provide good leverage to load up the fin and accelerate.

In the 2019 line the SUPER RIDE will replace the ALL RIDE and X-CITE RIDE ranges which will be cancelled.




Super Ride Specifications

2018 Lost Boards – Pre Order Now!

With Spring just around the corner (so we’ve been told….), it is time to make reality of those distant Winter dreams – Warmer weather, warmer water, light evenings and Summer swells!


Lost Puddle Jumper Carbon Wrap


The Lost Puddle Jumper is possibly our (and everyone else’s for that matter) favourite Summer groveller for mellower conditions. It is the go to board if you are looking to inject more life and more waves into your Summer sessions. Good width and flat rockers turn it into a right little rocket ship, but with volumes high for their lengths, you can step down 4-6″ from your normal length injecting a huge amount of explosiveness into your riding in waves that you would normally question going out in!


What Lost have also done, is improve their design further by introducing it in the super light and strong Carbon wrap construction – the best just got better!

Check out the full details here, along with other shapes/constructions we have available from Lost such as the Round nose fish, sub buggy, short round and more, and get in touch to Pre-Order yours now!


New 2018 Wave/ Freestyle line from Fanatic

New for 2018 is the Grip! The wave-weapon of champions, its wide swallow tail and fast rocker line pumps out loads of spray through the turns. Our wave team has been testing this concept for over 24 months and have specified the best possible fin setup per board, the name Grip is a result of that R&D process, defining exactly how much grip and drive each shape needs.

The Stubby TE welcomes the new 82l and 89l sizes to the fine-tuned 76l and 99l. The parallerel concept and wide diamond tail provides supercharged planing, whilst the rail shape and compact outline make tight turns easier than ever. Available in TE this radical yet straightforward model is a must-have for every quiver. Leaving a legacy in its wake, we wave goodbye to the FreeWave as we know it and welcome a new era!

The FreeWave STB is available in 4 sizes, 85l, 95l, 105l and the new 115l, as well as three exciting constructions. Straighter, more parallel rails are combined with a Stubby-Style nose for easy wave performance and epic bump & jump!

The SkateTE is coming in 4 sizes (86l to 108l), the 93l is more compact and with less nose area for even faster rotations, and reduced swing weight. Feeding the hunger of progressive Freestyle fanatics across the globe with its mind-blowing acceleration, top speeds and power, this design slips seamlessly between aerial and sliding tricks. Full of spirit, engaging and raring to go, the Skate is happiest under the feet of ambitious riders.


Christmas made easy with Puravida

It’s that time of year again- festive sparkle and christmas glamour!

Also the most stressful and busiest time of year but don’t panic as we are on hand to take the stress out of the festive season with our #countdowntochristmas.

Each day in December we will be introducing great new and exclusive offers and gift ideas in the run up to the 25th from 50% off top brands to customised gift sets for the little surfer in the family!

Keep an eye out instore, on social media and through out blogs to take advantage of this campaign!



Features so far…

1st December: 50% OFF ALL REEF footwear

2nd December: GIFT PICK FCS Key holder keyring

3rd December: £10 OFF BE HEADWEAR- Wireless headphone beanies

4th December: GIFT PICK Puravida towels BUY NOW

5th December: HALF PRICE neoprene accessories with any winter wetsuit

6th December: 20% OFF Womens dude shoes

7th December: 20% OFF Mens dude shoes

8th December: 20% OFF Dude Vigo boots

9th December: GIFT PICK- wax comb keyring

10th December: ALL Sketchers bags just £10

11th December: GIFT PICK A beginners guide to surfing

12th December: Free boxer gift pack with any gift purchase over £50

13th December:  GIFT PICK- Bamboo tide clocks

14th December: 50% OFF Animal coats

15th December: GIFT PACK- Northcore

16th December: FREE  windsurf/ sup/ surf MAGAZINE with any DVD

17th December: 20% OFF DAKINE

18th December: GIFT PICK North Core skate tool

19th December: FREE KEYRING

20th December: GIFT PICK Dryrobe

21st December: 25% OFF Backpacks

22nd December: Pura Vida Gift Vouchers!

k4 Leon fins!

New ‘LEON’ rear quad fins.

Our new ‘Leon’ rear quad Leon Jamaer signature fins are now available! The fastest and loosest fins in the range. Available in both the regular ‘dynamic flex’ material and for the first time our new ‘Super stiff’ material. Ride like Leon!

Some words from the man himself..

“We designed a fin that is very versatile so I can use it around the world from Hookipa to onshore conditions at home. Most of the time I use 14cm and in my bigger boards above 90 liters I like to use 15cm. In general I would choose the soft material when I want more control in powerful or choppy waves. They guarantee a really comfortable wavering sensation. If I want a bit more speed and aggression in smaller or more onshore conditions I rather take the stiff material. In my JP Quads I put the fins to the middle of the slot box. If the waves are small and I need a super tight bottom turn I put them roughly 5mm forward or, when waves get above logo high, I put them 5mm back from mid position. ”

Choose the black logo for ‘Dynamic flex’ – Grip, looseness and control. The classic k4 material, chosen by all our team riders.

Choose the red logo for ‘Super stiff’ – Instant response and easy release. Our new material with G10 like stiffness.

The Leon template for speed and looseness with it’s low tip area. We recommend going slightly bigger than usual with your front fins to give extra grip on the rail. Leon uses 10 Ezzy fronts with 14cm rears.

Windsurf Coaching, Introduction to waves and jumping control





El Medano is a charming village with a real surfy, laidback atmosphere, great food and most importantly epic sailing. It is an extremely popular windsurfing destination and it’s not hard to see why, there are 3 sailing spots catering for different abilities from learning to wave sail up to throwing aerials and big loops. Launching and sailing off the main beach offers a great teaching area and playground for those learning to launch and get comfortable in the waves, the harbour wall provides a step up and some good wave riding and jumping, then Cabezo beach just around the corner is a little more extreme and even hosts a PWA wave event during the summer months.


We coach 6 days out of 7, with a day off depending on the forecast and transfer.

We will be on the water as much as possible and if not sailing or refueling you will be soaking up the WindSurfCoaching Jedi knowledge.

The bonus is we have two coaches, Colin and the Guest coach, this means that we can split the group into different abilities so we can go where the group desires and where suits each level.

The level we ask for to join the clinic is ‘water starting and sailing in both foot straps’. We can help you with getting faster, starting in waves, building confidence in the waves, first jumps and all the way up to cracking your first loops, forwards and backwards. For those looking to improve their wave sailing ability we can guide you with timing on the wave right through to your first real smacks.

We will be doing several video sessions, as we believe this is the best way for us to show you how you look on the water and where you can improve. Please bring a USB stick or a hard drive so you can take the footage home.

We will also show you the town of El Medano as we know it, take you to all of our favourite places to eat and drink and enjoy the company of the other guests.


We hire equipment at Tenerife Windsurf Solution (TWS) Playa Sur, El Medano.
 We use this centre because they offer over seven different brands using the latest gear all with the right carbon masts and carbon booms. It makes our job as coaches a lot easier. It means us and you can not blame the kit!


Flights are really good and cheap at this time of the year and range from £80 return all the way to £200. You can fly from lots of UK airports to Tenerife South Airport and once you land it’s only a ten minute transfer to El Medano.

We have secured three apartments next to each other, each has 2 bedrooms, sleeping 4 people, right on the sea front for 200 Euro per person per week. There are also plenty of online booking apartment options, make sure stay within town as pretty much anywhere in Medano is only a 10 minute walk to the centre, they start from around 40 Euro per night for a two bedroom place. Deposit 200 euros per Apartment

https://www.facebook.com/apartmentsmedano/videos/270051250060311/ For a qucik video showing the apartments



March 12th– 18th in association with Puravida


KIT RENTAL: Wave & Freeride gear: 325 Euro

Wave, Freeride and Slalom gear: 374 Euro

All gear and bike: 399 Euro

COACHING: one week of tuition is £300, to book a place you we ask for a 50% deposit, payable via pay pal or bank transfer or via the website ww.windsurfcoaching.com.


Hope to see you out there getting ready for an epic summer ahead!

Puravida online virtual tour

Check out our store from the comfort of your own home. You can browse the rails, check out the boards…. the only thing missing is planet rock (or tunes from the hearty next door) and Puravida Coffee!

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