Slingshot Wizard 2020


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Slingshot Wizard 2020 Details

What does Slingshot say?

The Wizard 105 is the go-to board for lighter sailors, folks who live in windy areas, or anyone who is willing to pump to get going. Advanced sailors can pump it onto the foil in about the same wind as they can on its bigger brother the Wizard 125.

Once you are up on the foil, it is the perfect all-around foil board. Plenty of volume to uphaul or slog home, small enough to handle the biggest gusts and comfortably land even the loftiest of airs. It is nimble under the feet, with a sufficient nose for touchdowns. It’s boxy tail with 4 outboard straps give the Wizard 105 insane upwind and downwind angles in winds from 13 – 30 knots.. This is the board that all of our team riders learn on.


  • Thick Boxy tail for volume under your feet to get up and foiling
  • 4-Footstraps for efficiency and insane upwind/downwind angles
  • Long enough nose for touchdowns
  • Light and stiff biax carbon construction
  • Big enough to learn on, small enough to sail in high wind and a waves
  • Triple reinforced foil box and mast track

103L, 105L, 125L